Water Heating Solutions

Solar water heater /water heating, over the years, has become a mature renewable energy technology and has seen several innovations that are now well-established. SUN BEST Solar Water Heater /heating systems are designed to deliver hot water for most of the year.

The industrial solar water heater systems are usually used in pre heating feed water in the boiler to reduce fuel consumption as well as thermal shock to the boiler. This also results in increase in efficiency of boilers. Solar water heating has many applications such as industrial canteens to reduce the LPG consumption.

SUN BEST uses ISO 9001:2000 manufactured solar water heating panels for their use in solar water heating applications. SUN BEST offers Solar Water Heaters in a wide range of capacities for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. SUN BEST has vast expertise in recent advancements in solar water heating viz., Compound Parabolic Collectors (CPC) and Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) systems

Applications of solar water heaters in industries provided by SUN BEST include:

  • Leather industry – auto sprayer, tunnel dryer, toggle unit, calendaring unit
  • Degreasing for component washing
  • Air Handling Units (AHU) in pharmas and environmental control units
  • Reducing LPG/diesel use in canteen for cooking
  • Hot water for tanning (leather) and dying (textile)
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